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About Us For Money Source Guide

First of all, we would like to thank you that you are interested to know about MONEYSOURCEGUIDE Blog.

About MoneySourceGuide

Hello Friends, My name is Narender Singh and I am the producer and operator of MoneySourceGuide. On this page, we will only read information about Money Source Guide.

On 28 Oct 2019, MoneySourceGuide Blog was started by purchasing a Domain Name from Godaddy and Web Hosting from Hostinger.

The main purpose of the Money Source Guide Blog is to provide the Hindi language correct and useful information about Study, Earn Money to get free money, work from home, a guide to earning money, internet money, and technology.

Why was the MONEYSOURCEGUIDE blog needed?

70% of the students want to spend their own and their own expenses by working a part TIME and it is a very good thing.

But in today’s time, unemployment has increased so much that no good work is available and then the students think of earning money online, but only the time and money of the people are wasted due to false promises being made on the internet.

In such a situation, people spend most of the time looking for the right job, 80% of people waste their time and money and give up hope of earning money online.

That is why we need to create this blog (Money Source Guide) to give people the right and easy way to earn money, where information about 100% money lending methods in the Hindi language is given in detail.

The main objective of the creation of this blog is to make technology accessible to people in the Hindi language.

To make this effort of Money Source Guide successful, all of you people need help and I am confident that if you like Post of Money Source Guide Blog, then you will not hold back from sharing Post to other people.


Initially, no service of any kind was provided on the Money Source Guide for a year, but looking at the needs of one year of experience and people, we have started providing some services.

Website Design

Due to the increasing use of the Internet, it is very important for all businesses to set up online, for which it is very important to have a business website.

By the way, by reading how to make a money source guide’s post website, anyone can make a profit website without knowledge of coding.

Nevertheless, if you have a lack of time, then we can make and provide a website according to your needs.

We provide the following types of Websites.

News Websites, Social Websites, E-commerce Websites, Business Websites, etc.

The price of the website depends on your website, for which you can contact us for information.

SEO Optimization

If you run a News Website or Blog, then it is very important to optimize the Search Engine for which the website has to be optimized.

For this, we also provide Search Engine Optimize services for your websites and blogs.

The main purpose of MONEY SOURCE GUIDE is to help people, so you can contact us for any information related to the blog.

If anyone has any problem with any post of MONEY SOURCE GUIDE BLOG, then Contact us page to contact us.

If you have any query regarding Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact at [email protected]